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Telephone Systems

R&R Data / Telecom can be your source for advanced telephone communications solutions at extremely competitive prices. From additions to new installs, voice mail, audio conferencing, call auto-attendant, telephone accounting and wireless, we do it all.

We take great pride in our
installation, testing and certification procedures for  Voice Cabling. Our main goal is total customer satisfaction through the highest quality workmanship, top quality equipment and built-in upgrade potential for your systems and network. Our industry knowledge and engineering expertise can  ensure the best protection of your Voice and Data systems investment. Our staff is experienced with a wide diversity of telephone equipment and wiring, such as.


 We perform the entire range of telephone wiring jobs from simply
adding  jacks, to relocating phone systems, to brand new installations:

                              Troubleshooting and Evaluations
                                New installations
                              Campus, Building Riser, Horizontal,
                              Aerial/Burial, PBX, Workstation, Lightning
                              Clean-Up, Demolition
                              Call Distribution, Auto Attendant
                              Switch Relocation
                              50, 100, 300 pair feeder cable installation
                              ISDN and DSL Lines

 We work with your local telephone company on your behalf.  If you are interested in Secondary Market Equipment or in locating service expertise for older telephone systems.  E-Mail or call us at 1-800-279-6429.

Our expertise and  services  include: Systems  (KSU), Phones, FAX Machines, Arcnet, RS232, Apple Talk,  FDDI Fiber CAT 3 Voice cabling

With offices in the  Metro New York Area and Tennessee we cover directly a large geographical area.. A  network of affiliated vendors helps us cover the rest of the country, so we can serve our multi-location customers with quality and speed.

Experience the R&R integrity and workmanship.

E-Mail or Call us Today at 1-800-279-6429!

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