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Address: 2300 Chenevert St., Houston, TX 77004  Hou: (713) 659-4416

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 30497, Houston, TX 77249-0497

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PRODUCT RESOURCES, a Houston-based cable company, brings ten years of service and dedication to the interconnect needs of the computer and telecom- munication markets. Our staff of experienced professionals go to considerable lengths to maintain a cutting-edge knowledge of today's trends in networking and connectivity.

We have invested extensively in advanced technology and production tooling to ensure the best product quality for our customers, at the most competitive prices.

Our key specialty is custom cable assemblies. From high-end, high-speed cables for the Internet and intranets, such as V.35, RS449, RS530, X.21, T1, T3, Fast Ethernet and Token Ring, to the entire range of Desktop adapters, connectors, and

sharing devices,  we pride our- selves in offering you the highest quality products, workmanship warranty and customer service.

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From the most advanced Cisco cable equivalents, to a complete line of SCSI and video cables, PRODUCT RESOURCES is here to serve you. Our custom pin-out database contains millions of specific cable designs, ready to be utilized on your most complex requirements.

A powerful blend of knowledge, experience, and service come together in a unique way to ensure your satisfaction and guarantee complete, high-quality connectivity solutions for your organization.

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