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MACC has developed an industry wide reputation for top quality Local and Wide Area Network installations across the country. From design to implementation, we make sure that you, our customer end-up with a robust, reliable, and efficient system that will meet your needs both today and for years to come.

MACC installs and supports a wide variety of products from a variety of manufacturers. This allows us to select for you the equipment that best fits the specific requirements of your network. MACC can provide the equipment that best fits your specific network requirements , or can work with your procurement department to prepare technical specifications and review competitive bids for all network components. Our services include Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, Fast Ethernet and Asynchronous Transfer Mode ("ATM").

Here's why you should choose us for your Network Installation Projects:

Quality Installations
Save money now and in the future. We use only tested and approved materials and procedures for all installations to prevent down time, costly repairs and replacements. Further, we shop our vendors for the best equipment and material at the best prices

We are Flexible
We are available to install your system after hours and our service technicians are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If a problem arises, you can depend on quick and efficient service.

We stock it for you
We strive to stock any materials required to expand and repair. Also components that could fail when you least expect it such as repeaters and transceivers.

Special Needs
We also stock many unusual or hard to find connectors, cables and components. A specialty of ours is the custom manufacture of patch cables with almost any type of connectors even if you do not have the pin out.

Network Cable Design
We are available for system design and layout so you can properly plan for growth and change which can save you money in the future. We can design a data transmission system so flexible it will support almost any change without re-cabling

We take pride in our work
The quality of our work and reputation is very important to us. This means higher quality of installation with fewer problems

Down time
The major cause of downtime in multi-use systems is cable problems. The use of poor quality materials and installation methods can lead to system and financial problems.

MACC is the Right Connection for your Business !
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