Injection Molding Services - Electronic and Electrical Cable Assemblies, PCB Connectors and Boards

We offer injection molding services and overmold tooling for electronic and electrical cable assemblies, PCB connectors and printed circuit boards. The molded strain relief products are available with over 1,500,000 different configurations. Minimum order quantities are as low as 100 pc for standard off the shelf parts, and 250 pc minimum for build to order molded strain reliefs.. Molded cable assembly and strain relief assemblies are an important part of an interconnect product, and designing in the correct strain relief, whether molded on, or as a slip-on discrete part, is an integral part of the overall product's performance.

A strain relief as an interconnect component can function either as an internal stress relief at the termination point, or a flex relief at the cable exit area. Internal to a connector or termination point, such as a breakout transition, is the point at which the wires are terminated to contacts or other wires. Many devices require the addition of strain relief in this critical area. Many connectors provide this in the connector design itself, such as the insulation support area of a contact, and the wire bar clips used on insulation displacement connectors. However, other devices, because of other mechanical considerations, require additional strain relief. Overmolding the contact and wire termination area can improve the pull-force performance, typically by a factor of two to three times. It is common for 40-60# pull-force to be achieved by simply overmolding. Molded strain reliefs, also commonly referred to as molded cable grips may be the answer.

The point at which a cable exits a connector body or other component can be a critical failure point because of repeated flexing. Typically, flex life of the cable can be improved up to four times the manufacturer's rating by incorporating an overmolded flex relief. Molded cable grips are common in devices that have high flex rates, such as point-of-sale scanners and medical devices.

Please contact us with you specific requirements. Our expertise will help you go from concept to finished product in record time and at minimum cost. We can take responsibility for the entire project or just place our prototyping, strain relief and electronics overmolding expertise at your disposal.

In addition to Custom Designs to your specifications, we have available a wide variety of Standard Wire Management products for improved flex and strain relief at the cable exit point for panels, black box applications and enclosures. These On-the-Shelf products give you a wide range of choices with 1000's of parts ready to ship.


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