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Customer Services

     Turnkey contract manufacturing
     Just-in-Time scheduling
    . Discrete wire terminations
     Wire harnesses
     Network assemblies
     SCSI styles
     Solder and crimp styles
     Box builds, subassemblies and control wiring
     Electromechanical and mechanical assemblies
     Technical support and cell manufacturing, with team concept
     Expert design services
     Prototype development
     Large or small runs
     Wire cutting, stripping and termination
     Bagged and tagged wire kits
     Direct relationships with many cable/connector manufacturers,
       including AMP, Sentinel, Amphenol, Winchester, Cinch, Siecor,
       Quabbin, Berk-Tek, Belden, Madison, LEMO, Alpha, Honda,
       Switchcraft, Molex, ITT/Cannon, Berg and Mohawk, Lemo, Connex


     Automated, modular plug dual-terminating machines with capabilities to terminate AMP, Sentinel, Stewart Stamping, Panduit and Thomas & Betts, including Category 5, Category 5e and Category 6 styles. Automated AMP, Amphenol, Schleniger and Winchester  pinning/stripping machines for RS232 IEEE, 442/449, 530,  V.35 assemblies and coaxial fiber. Eubanks Auto Stripper 49900 cutting/stripping machine for volume production. Complete fiber production utilizing Siecor 12 ferrule polisher and Noyes fiber-optic scope for visual inspections. Critchley labelers for all custom labeling


     UPS, FedEx, Airborne, trucking and couriers are all available for shipping
     No dropship charges
     Blind label shipping is standard

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