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Our primary goal is to provide exceptional products and services that exceed our customers' expectations. With this goal in mind, we have established the following objectives:

     To strive for continuous process improvement and problem prevention, based on ISO 9000 standards

     To ensure that all products meet TIA/EIA standards

     To develop relationships with our suppliers that emphasize continuous improvement in product quality, service and support

     To deliver products that are 100% tested, with guaranteed zero defects

     To incorporate multistep inspection processes throughout manufacturing

     To obtain first piece approval and prototype approvals

     To provide our staff with training by AMP, Siecor, Molex, Cinch, Winchester and Quabbin

     We are so confident of the quality of all our cable assemblies that we guarantee them for life against manufacturing defects.

OEM Testing

     Enhanced patch cord test capabilities, including Category 5, Category 5e and proposed Category 6, utilizing the DCM Modular Tester, featuring a Hewlett-Packard 9812 analyzer and DCM software

     Hewlett-Packard Omni scanners and Penta scanners are used for end-to-end channel tests

     The Cirrus Signature line of harness and multiconductor testers is used for all other assemblies

     Noyes fiber test line and software are used to record and document all fiber tests

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