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Harness Assemblies

 To cater to our OEM and Reseller customer requirements, Ekris Cable manufactures  a wide variety of harness assemblies, built accurately to customer  specifications. We can also provide expert design and prototyping services  for cables and connectivity accessories. We gurantee these products to meet  all provided customer specifications.

Our customers rely on us to provide the highest quality product  and service they can get, that meets time and budget constraints, and conform  to exacting standards.

In keeping with our high quality standards, we utilize only the best quality  cable and connectors and we have associated ourselves with the top manufacturers  in the business:

Alpha, Lucent, AMP, Belden, Berk-Tek, Carol, Commscope, Comtran, General  Cablee, Helix/NEK, Madison, Manhattan, Mohawk, Montrose, Optical  Cable Corp, Prestolite, Quabbin, Shaxton, Siecor/Corning, Texarkana, WestPenn, Krone, Hitachi.

AMP, Amphenol, Berg, Cambridge, Cinch, CZ Labs, Honda, Hubbel, ITT/Canon,  Levition, Molex, Semtron, Stewar, Switchcraft, Thomas & Betts, Sentinel.

Here are some key reasons why our customers rely on us again and again, for  their Harness Assembly Manufacturing projects:

     Just in Time Scheduling
     High Quality
     Large or Small Runs
     Electro Mechanical & Mechanical  Assemblies
     Sub Assemblies & Control Wiring
     Discrete Wiring
     Wire Harnesses
     Custom Cable Assemblies
     Flexible Delivery Schedules

For All Your Cabling and Interface Needs
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The Connectivity Experts at 1-800-243-0054 !

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