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We are  dedicated to providing our customers with Installation / Network Integration and Maintenance Services, as well as Hardware, Software, Computer Accessories and Cables. Our computer installation and maintenance department provides service to corporate customers and home offices. While we PC installations and maintenance activities , we also do sell product and provide support throughout the US.

Computer and networking technologies are changing rapidly. Keeping up with the latest advances and future trends and building an expandable scalable and affordable network for tomorrow's business is where we provide great value to our family of customers.

For each phase of your project, design, installation and maintenance we will work with your staff and provide the kind of
technical and training support that will minimize your expense while maximizing the benefits you receive from your office technology investment.

The PRE and POST sale technical support we provide through our highly skilled professionals is designed to free you up of technology concerns, so you can focus on your customers and the growth of your business. Please contact us today for a
FREE no obligation consultation.

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